Agronifier Technology

Electromagnetic Treatment Matrix™ (ETM™) is a research and development company that has researched and tested various methods of reducing pain and swelling, increasing range of motion and improving circulation. has experimented with lasers, ultrasound, infrared, electromagnetic, and sound waves in attempting to achieve the benefits through non-invasive, safe means.

After years of study and experimentation it was determined that the goals could be achieved by using a combination of electromagnetic and sound waves at complementary frequencies. Tests on humans and animals have been very successful. The process treats the entire person or animal at one time and allows the subject to move about freely. We call the process the Electromagnetic Treatment Matrix™ (ETM™) and the equipment that applies the process is called the Agronifier™. has many letters of appreciation from horse owners and trainers, dog owners, cat owners and humans who have experienced excellent positive results without any side effects. experienced success early on in human testing, the question arose, what about the placebo effect? It was the concern over the placebo effect that caused to lean toward animal testing.

No animal has ever shown any inkling of discomfort with this noninvasive, noncontact treatment. In fact, the treatment has a calming effect on the animals and when treatment session ends it has been noted that some animals walk to the transmitters and nudge the transmitters with their noses as if trying to turn the transmitters back on.

Liquid Enhancement ETM™ process, used exclusively in the  Agronifier™, has an immediate and significant effect on liquids. Thiseffect enhances both the flavor and aroma.

The flavor of water is improved and any off odors are reduced making tap water more appealing. Similarly, the flavor of juices and other drinks are also enhanced.

The results are partially covered by high sugar content or carbonation. As a result the effects are muted in very sweet drinks or carbonated beverages.

Tasters say that milk becomes creamier as do emulsions such as vinegar and oil based salad dressings.

High acid beverages generally show the most pronounced improvement. Taste tests with balsamic vinegar showed significant improvement in both flavor and aroma recognized by every taster.

The process is effective on all juices, whether fruit or vegetable.  Tasters commonly say that treated whole fruit tastes riper, richer, more like what they expect from ripe whole fruit.

Wine Enhancement


Wine cellar with a Wine Wizard™ on the table. is the developer of a patent pending process for quickly enhancing the flavor and aroma of wine. The process utilizes what we call an Electromagnetic Treatment Matrix™ (ETM™) to improve the wine significantly in  less than an hour, while the wine remains in its sealed bottle. The treatment may  be Light, Medium, or Maximum.

In over 150 blind taste tests to date, over 97% of amateur taste testers agreed that the Wine Wizard™ distinctly improved the flavor and 90% agreed it improved the aroma of red wines. 85% of testers agreed that the Wine Wizard™ distinctly improved the flavor of white wines, with no material affect on aroma determined. The majority of the blind tests have been on red wine in the $6 to $12 per bottle category.

This model is oak with radius edges and will treat either a 1.5 l bottle or up to four 750 ml bottles in 15 minutes to 1 hour depending upon whether it is set for Light, Medium, or Maximum treatment.

The Wine Wizard™ is a wine accessory targeting the Popular-premium and Super-premium segments of the market. The sealed wine is treated between 15 and 60 minutes depending upon desired results. The wine may then be consumed immediately or stored for later use.

Tests on samples of treated and untreated wine have shown that treatment increases pH (which decreases acidity) and decreases sulfites with many people commenting that they do not get a headache from drinking the treated wine.

Although we call it a Wine Wizard™, tests on Single Malt Scotch and other hard liquors have proven very rewarding.

Medical Applications is the developer of a patent pending experimental process for improving circulation. The process is noninvasive and there is no contact between the equipment and the patient.

The Electromagnetic Treatment Matrix™ (ETM™) used in the process, while similar to other products, does vary significantly in the application and frequency range. has many letters of appreciation from horse owners and trainers, dog owners, cat owners and people who have experienced excellent positive results without any side effects.

No animal has ever shown any inkling of discomfort with this treatment process. In fact, it has been noted that when a treatment session ends some animals walk to the transmitters and nudge them with their noses as if trying to turn the transmitters back on.

Small animals are treated within a room with the pet owner present and the animals are free to move about without restriction. The small animals relax and none have ever shown any fear or discomfort from the treatment.

Horses are treated in their stalls and after treatment starts they show signs of relaxation. In some  cases, when horses were treated in a farm environment, we have observed other animals moving about not bothered by the treatment. It was as though the equipment was just another farm implement.


There are several proven methods for pain relief available which use some form of wave transmission that have various levels of success, risks and inconvenience. Only offers an answer that can treat the whole animal or human easily, without restricting motion, disrobing, or risk of burning.


Ultrasound stimulates the tissue under the skin’s surface. Direct skin contact with the Ultrasound probe is required and a gel must be used for effective transmission of the ultrasound into the affected area. Ultrasound can burn patients if it is left in one place too long. It has been proven effective for muscle aches and pains, tendon injuries and ligament injuries.


Lasers are similar to Ultrasound in that they are used to treat a specific areas of the body for pain, there is also evidence that lasers decrease the healing time for injuries by stimulating the growth of new cells. The effective laser treatments use a powerful laser and as a result they require special training for the tehnician.


Infrared lamps have been shown to be effective for topical heating for the purpose of elevating the tissue temperature. This provides temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increasing local blood circulation where applied. It is a topical heat generator much like a heating pad.


All three methods have something in common. They are effective in the specific portion of the body where the treatment is directed and they are not designed for total body treatment. In addition, there is risk of damage to the person or animal being treated if not applied properly. Due to the need to control movement, they are very difficult to apply to animals. process treats the entire body at one time. A trained technician is not required because there is no risk of harm. The fully clothed person being treated simply sets the timer on the machine and then proceeds to listen to music, read and even watch television, while being helped by the ETM™ process.

The portable unit currently in testing allows for easy home use. Because there is no contact with any equipment the patients, both human and animal, can be treated with the same machine at the same time.

The ETM™ technology eliminates the drawbacks of ultrasound, laser and infrared while delivering the benefits of deep penetration.